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Originating in prehistoric times, Albufeira was occupied by the Romans who called it “Baltum”, and by the Arabs who called it “Al-Buhera”

The current toponym of Albufeira comes from the Arabic name that means "castle of the sea", a reason that may be linked to the proximity of the village to the ocean or to the lagoon that formed in the lower part of the town. 

For centuries, this was a land of fishermen, a fact that is still very much present in the local habits and traditions. In the 60s, the city awakened to Tourism. It was at this time that many people traveled kilometers to discover the then hidden village in the south of Portugal.

Albufeira has been undergoing a process of growth and modernization that has led it to be considered one of the most important and well-known tourist centers in southern Europe. 

The old part of the city is still a must-visit place that takes us back to other times. With the sea so close by, the streets are steep and narrow, the houses are white and invariably radiant, the people are friendly and welcoming, the smells are rich and captivating. These are more than enough reasons to spend a few hours walking around this area.

There is also an invitation to visit the various art galleries in Albufeira, which refer to the city and its customs. 

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