How to get to Albufeira

The first step on this journey is clearly how to get here!

Albufeira, like the rest of the Algarve, enjoys good internal connections, with other portuguese cities and with the rest of the world.

Regarding air transport, the distance from Faro airport is 32 km.

The Algarve also has a good road network, with motorways, main routes, complementary routes, national roads and municipal roads, excellent for coming from the airport to Albufeira.

In addition to air means, we also have road transport and rail transport. Albufeira train station is 7 km from the city center, called Ferreiras station.

Albufeira bus station is just 3 km from the center. Walk around Albufeira

If you are staying in the city center, then you will not need a car, as most of the streets and accesses are pedestrianized.

If you want to drive to the city center, there are several parking options.

If you want to travel around the region, you can rent a car for the days you need or use the various transports at your disposal.

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