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The cooking school and gourmet shop, located in the southern Algarve region of Portugal, is Mimo´s first location outside Spain. The 300m2 cooking school is located in the five-star Pine Cliffs Luxury Collection Resort.
Mimo Algarve offers a daily selection of hands-on cooking and wine experiences in what is a lovely, light-filled space in the center of the Pine Cliffs Resort. The offering includes classes on Algarve cuisine, both traditional and modern Portuguese cuisine, as well as family classes, where parents and children come together around stoves.
The cooking school has an integrated shop space, which features the best conserves, salts, charcuterie, cheese, and gifts from the artisans of Portugal. All of the shop´s products have been specially curated, with lots of care and mimo, the Portuguese term for the love you give baby-or a homemade dish.
In our luxe cooking school, we offer a wide range of fun, hands-on, informative cooking classes at the hands of real chefs.
Luxe Wellness Cooking Class
Traditional Portuguese Cooking Class
Modern Portuguese Bistronomy
The Algarve Cooking Class
Michelin Star Secrets
In addition, we have family cooking classes designed for children (and parents!) of all ages. We also host Supper Club experiences, nightly gathering that celebrate traditional and modern cooking and put dinners front row with the chefs for an entertaining experience with perfectly paired wine and food.
Our staff on the resort turns the typical wine tasting on its head with these exciting, unique wine experiences:
Name That Wine: Blind Tasting
Portuguese Food & Wine Trivia Experience

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