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Here you can learn a little more what we like to do.
Yes, we like to make the life easier for everybody that needs to move around. Our daily struggle is totally oriented to the task of delivering on our taxis, our customers, individuals and visitors to our city.


The Albucoop have hundred and four cars in f Albufeira, our fleet is modern. The average fleet age is around 4 years. Where always checking the general condition of the cars, because a car in poor condition also generates a bad costumer service. This way we elevate our service of maintenance and indirectly your safety and convenience by requiring taxis with a good maintenance and clean. Almost all cars in our fleet are equipped with air conditioning, further increasing your comfort.

We also have 8 setter vehicles.


Our team is available 24 hours a day, even on weekends and holidays we are awaiting your request.

Team formed by professionals with their occupation certificate of taxis, we use a modern computer system with telephone tag and automatic search of taxis to give more agility to their care. modern radio equipment and identification of the cars that allow us to increase your security.

We have highly trained telephone operators can offer our customers a quality service, ensuring fast, sending the taxi nearest to the requested address, and once again thinking of you and to the economy turn on the meter only from the point of shipment.

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