Restaurante Vila Joya
Gourmet Michelin Restaurant


Savor Slow Food At The Best Portuguese Restaurant

THE ONLY two Michelin Star restaurant in Portugal, Vila Joya offers an exclusive and intimate fine dining experience overlooking the Algarve coast. Award-winning chef Dieter Koschina cooks with creativity and passion serving up exquisite and delicious food with finesse.

Koschina combines fresh local produce and ingredients from the markets of the Algarve, and seafood from the Atlantic and Mediterranean with the classics of French haute cuisine, creating a menu of the finest slow food in Portugal. He is a master of freshness and lightness.

Each January, our Tribute to Claudia Festival brings together some of the world’s finest chefs to Vila Joya’s restaurant. This festival started as a celebration of Vila Joya’s 25th anniversary and in honour of the founder of Vila Joya, Claudia Jung. It has now become a nine day event with many Michelin-starred and award-winning chefs from the four corners of the globe.

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